Michael Lutz: Building Biology and Environmental Analysis

Michael Lutz Certified expert on mould and fungi

A large proportion of the population spends more than 80% of their time indoors. Bad air quality and poor indoor climate in the enclosed space of our living areas influence our physical well-being enormously. Particularly sensitive sections of the population i.e. children, those with allergies, the chronically sick and the elderly react to these conditions. For example about 30% of the German population suffer from allergies. As a building biologist I test and analyse and your office or home for electro-smog, mildews and moulds, air quality and assess the indoor climate and advise you on how to do the necessary sanitation.

  • healthy living environment
  • detection/identification of mildew
  • conducting of surveys
  • advise on sanitation
  • health endangering electro-smog
  • magnetic fields
  • investigation/checking sleeping areas
  • indoor pollutants
  • healthy indoor climate
  • building biology consultation


If you would like a free consultation with no strings attached please contact me on +49 (0)89 62 06 08 91.