What can we do for you?

Our work

We conduct professional surveys and test levels of environmental pollutants in your living areas, bedrooms, children's rooms, working spaces and building sites etc.

  • conduct surveys to find the cause of mildew/mould problems in indoor spaces
  • planning for the removal of mildews
  • measuring of toxicity levels and causes thereof
  • testing for electrical pollution in indoor spaces
  • testing for high-frequency fields e.g. mobile phone masts, cordless phones, radar
  • advice on creating a healthy indoor environment, particularly in cases of respiratory diseases, allergies, disturbance from undesirable odours.
  • headaches and sick building syndrome
  • General building biology consultation in relation to new building or restructuring of existing ones. ( healthy and ecological building materials, installation and shielding)


Tests and assessments are carried out according to the Building Biology Standards SBM 2008.

Besides the building biology guidelines, other values are taken into consideration for comparison or orientation purposes.